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1001 International Blvd, Hapeville, GA 30054

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Journey into
the future
of learning

We're transforming "school" into an exploration experience where learners play, build and grow.

We cannot teach people anything. We can only help them discover it within themselves.

- Galieo

XLS is an immersive education experience where where learners explore themselves, the world, and opportunities for impact. We support human development from cradle to career through four interconnected concepts; Learning Studios, Discovery Labs, Capstone Projects and Self Actualization

Learning Studios

How learners are grouped together and supported through their learning process through physical and digital spaces

Capstone Projects

Individualized programs of study resulting in a demonstration of learning assessed by an authentic audience

Discovery Labs

Opportunities for hands on exposure to new concepts and ideas facilitated by subject matter experts

Self Actualization Graph

Interactive graph showcasing individual skills, dispositions, and developmental process


For learners at the beginning their journey of building foundational skills.

Usually for learners age 0-10


For learners with strong foundational skills who are ready to dive deep into challenging projects while exploring vast concepts.

Usually for learners age 11 – 16


For learners who are ready to undertake collegiate and industry level programs.

Usually begins around age 17 and scales to experienced professionals

Launching Spring 2021

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Calling all crazy,
ready to transform education!

We’re a team of future leaning creatives who are excited about bold ideas that help empower learners to create amazing work. Are you up for the challenge?

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South Atlanta Campus

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