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We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey.


Today, three billion humans have in their hands, enough computational power to individually guide 120 million, 1969 Apollo era spacecraft to the moon, all at the same time. With this level of computing power, it’s imperative for our adolescent learners to understand the full breadth and opportunity for their lives and this is only accomplished through exploration. 

Using the tools of narrative, design and computation, our Exploration Studios empowers learners to lean into the unknown and unleash their passionate energy while developing their own metacognitive process to understanding the world around them.

While ages are used as a suggestion, learners are placed in Exploration Studios based on their self efficacy abilities and matriculate once they have demonstrated eagerness towards deeper work, creating mixed age studio environments. 


Usually for learners age 11-13 and is focused developing multi-topic project work.


Usually for age 14-16 and is focused on exploring potential personal programs of study.


Usually for age 16 - 18 and is focused on developing personal program of study portfolio and working directly with industry professionals.

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Our next generation open pedagogical approach

Discovery Labs

Learning at XLS begins with a discovery lab, which is a hands on guided exposure activity that can range from exploring quantum teleportation to medical advancements in DNA sequencing. These activities serve as the foundation for deeper multi-faceted project work.

Capstone Projects

As learners continue to explore, their natural curiosity will lead them to dive deeper into topics that become multi-dimensional projects requiring the development of new skills and dispositions generally related to narrative, computation and design.

Self Actualization Graph

As learners design project work a single point rubric is also developed allowing for clear articulation of deliverables which is used to ultimately assess the developmental gains for each learner. This rubric also clearly identifies where additional development is required due to feedback from an authentic audience. All of this is illustrated through a multi-dimensional scatter plot also known as an XYZ Graph.

Learner Support

Learning begins and ends
with the learner.

Our studios take a learner centered approach to development empowering learners to take full ownership of their evolution. This is accomplished through the combination of structured activities, unstructured exploration and one to one coaching. Each learner is supported by a team of advisors who consciously design experiences for individual development.

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Ready to explore the future?

You can learn more about our Exploration Studio by scheduling a tour or video call with our Learner Support team. You can also sign up for our next open enrollment period.

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